Monday, February 2, 2009

thought you should know

Every week a batch of emails come in from my dad.
Reminders to "keep my eye on the prize."

After clicking through a pile 20 deep that have been backed up since i started school a few weeks ago, i am reassured that although being slightly over-concerned, my dad is killing it. Links to design forums, snowboard realms, malakye, corolflot, print mag, how mag careers, various videos like prom dress rugby, some eyebrow craze, baby commercial outtakes, "my future", jobs falling. LIFE.

I asked that in order to determine the urgency or priority of his emails, that he write descriptions or messages in each email rather than just a link. Now I get a hint to the content with descriptive words such as "funny", "jobs", and "check this out". Sometimes these messages are more sentimental when really sad country music videos are sent to me and my sister. At least he has the internets to attempt filling his empty nest.

Looking at all of these emails thoroughly every week is trying, but i am so glad my dad gives a shit. And I think by now he truly understands my interests. In all of the online capacities of design, skateboarding, and snowboarding, he seen it.