Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cold ones

im not even going to try to explain how damn bitter it has been here lately.
we went to the shanty today in -30 windchills to fix our precious bubblewrap!
thanks for the fresh ice, MINNESOTA!

early last week, the moon looked like this. such a beauty!
made me feel like i am in the right place.
its good to know that the world is still mystical, sometimes.
: )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


lumberjack lore!

lumberjack love!

i really miss these guys, the friends, the fam, the farm....(to be continued)


making my bed is always the right thing to do, especially now.
my dear grandmother compiled (salvaged, sewed, refined) this quilt for me last year!
i watched my 100 year old auntie marie stitch the perimeter for 6 hours straight one day. (i made her lunch, of course)
although she didnt inherit the seamstress skills of her mother, who sewed judy garland's childhood waredrobe, my grandma jackie is amazing!

*watch auntie marie and my grandma play cribbage in the videos to the right

Monday, January 21, 2008


watched this today for maybe the 150th time.
made me cry x3 ?! ... mainly because im extremely hungry for colored cream pies!

Friday, January 18, 2008 world is especially flat.mcad

i have been thinking so much about how to define my relationship with skateboarding and snowboard to my art world (i.e. mcad) without seeming superficial, and now that i have existed here for a year, it just doesnt matter that i adjust myself! i am not superficial, and my relationships are nothing but genuine, okay.
also, i am the best friend to networking opportunities that you will ever meet, and thankfully i havent been taken advantage of by some business-type conflict. much more thankfully, i am in touch with loads of very amazing people.
these snowboarders, for instance; THINK THANK.
i love their unique approach to everything in snowboarding. down to the motion graphics, their soundtracks (customized drums set riffs to narrate last years' Patchwork Patterns vid), and mostly the raw craft of their filmaking and riding. all the dudes involved are sincerely nice/badass. niceass? THANKS!

Scott Stevens in THANKS BRAIN! 2007
(watch all the other parts, too. Producer/Direcotr Jesse Burtner and Gus Engle for sure)

Monday, January 14, 2008


ive been wishing, hard, on an escape to an isolated mountain town in utah, wyoming, or montana. yknow, real cowboy terrain. mean muggin me as i walk into their dark, musty bar. where giant hills protect the tiny, glistening town with a tangible history. where i could sit cozy up in the shadow. i would stay there long enough to dodge a few bar fights and avalanches. real mountains. a few days (years) just for me.
where i would really love to be is jackson hole, wyoming. that snowboarding trip from a few years back claimed the best trip of my life, aside from my first family trip to montana where i had my first mountain high.
this is maybe the only media i have that remains of that wyoming trip
. (im pretty sure i loved it more than she remembers it.)
and im about to give away a secret, im surely jinxing my dreams here when i show you where ive really wanted to be in my adult life (mostly because it yolks my professional life in design and my greatest love, snowboarding)

the first part of this video (made in 2005) features all the greats; motion graphics by Nemo Designs, the snowboarding-oriented house/workspace with gorgeous huskies!, a utah mountain with snow, travis parker, hula hoops, day glo, big black gettin worked, and a minnesota local (bjorn leines).
for a much less selfish approach to snowboarding, ive unofficially decided to hang it up for a few years until i finish school. just wishin all my chronies the beast out there. just know that my tears are amidst the wintery mix.