Friday, January 18, 2008 world is especially flat.mcad

i have been thinking so much about how to define my relationship with skateboarding and snowboard to my art world (i.e. mcad) without seeming superficial, and now that i have existed here for a year, it just doesnt matter that i adjust myself! i am not superficial, and my relationships are nothing but genuine, okay.
also, i am the best friend to networking opportunities that you will ever meet, and thankfully i havent been taken advantage of by some business-type conflict. much more thankfully, i am in touch with loads of very amazing people.
these snowboarders, for instance; THINK THANK.
i love their unique approach to everything in snowboarding. down to the motion graphics, their soundtracks (customized drums set riffs to narrate last years' Patchwork Patterns vid), and mostly the raw craft of their filmaking and riding. all the dudes involved are sincerely nice/badass. niceass? THANKS!

Scott Stevens in THANKS BRAIN! 2007
(watch all the other parts, too. Producer/Direcotr Jesse Burtner and Gus Engle for sure)

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