Saturday, May 31, 2008

on the road times

where cap'n jazz was born
where kemi lives

and of course we will be staying with the lovely lady Ms. Molly Roth!

NEXT UP....planning a trip with emily to portland in july!! be prepared folks, this is not to be taken lightly!

BSE (best-summer-ever) is indeed in full effect!!! cant wait to get back to the minneapolis to continue this post haste!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wow, i just had this really extreme burp. i havent eaten tabouli/falafel in 6 hours, yet some tabouli and stomach acid creeped its way out. and then some.

Monday, May 26, 2008

hondas for life

1980 CB400T Hawk

1969 450 DOHC

a bike like this will do.

Friday, May 23, 2008

its decided

i very recently and very intensely decided i am going to buy a motorcycle soon. like, when im outta school next year.
cant wait!!

dont asky me why, either. its just that my hair is getting so long (again, no idea why its this long--except its lookin great because kate cut it in january!) so i might as well fit the character and join up on riding the back of the wind with other angsty greasers!
(i am so damn sick of cars, people driving a whole car with just themselves (like me), cell phone companies, corporations and oh i am going to love my relationship with direct loans for the rest of my life.
by this time next year, i will be in alaska, hopefully without a phone. just a website, portfolio, and job. just me and the back of the wind.)

thrash your face off

i quite like this.
the al partanen! and tony trujillo! show!!

so i am makin the transition into summer fake life in minneapolis. (at mcad, to be exact)
just telling myself that i deserve to get comfortable in my new 3 bedroom apartment, when these past few summers have been delightfully transient for me in oregon. i wish i had me one of these from skate study house.

and i have been going out entirely too much. last night was the kicker, because as soon as me, ellie, and jake had cheers'd on never returning to pancho villa, who had just served us horribly, they came out with 3 giant flaming shots of tequila/kahula for us. i still dont want to go there again, but its a nice cultural transition into smoothing over bad, or even 'okay' experiences. summer should be a blast 24/7 right.
big things happening this weeeekend and next week and then we're going to chicago!

i seriously would love to grace the nights with these swooping from my ears.

recycled skate deck e'rrins.

yknow what. it would be basic to make these. crafty.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fast awake

its been a long end-of-semester. and thankfully these last few days of true vacay have felt even longer!
up in bemidji minnesota at my home.

im excited to start a new designerd blog over at
and i will keep this OG blog up-to-date with the latest of mysterese perplexities of being badass.
today, i give thanks for my freedom.
i have dreams and hopes and not a heavy bloated belly of childbirth. i live in cities that actually have real skateparks and real restaurants. i have a real family and a real list of accomplishments on my resume. real potential, folks. thanks.

these dudes are also headed to WBMC next year: gareth stehr and patrick melcher.

this is my gal! (except i would never street skate in anything but skytops)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


go on over to my new internets (work-in-progress)
and then be siked to watch micah skate. best ever.

i'll be missin him in govylife this summer! maybe?