Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fast awake

its been a long end-of-semester. and thankfully these last few days of true vacay have felt even longer!
up in bemidji minnesota at my home.

im excited to start a new designerd blog over at
and i will keep this OG blog up-to-date with the latest of mysterese perplexities of being badass.
today, i give thanks for my freedom.
i have dreams and hopes and not a heavy bloated belly of childbirth. i live in cities that actually have real skateparks and real restaurants. i have a real family and a real list of accomplishments on my resume. real potential, folks. thanks.

these dudes are also headed to WBMC next year: gareth stehr and patrick melcher.

this is my gal! (except i would never street skate in anything but skytops)

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