Friday, May 23, 2008

its decided

i very recently and very intensely decided i am going to buy a motorcycle soon. like, when im outta school next year.
cant wait!!

dont asky me why, either. its just that my hair is getting so long (again, no idea why its this long--except its lookin great because kate cut it in january!) so i might as well fit the character and join up on riding the back of the wind with other angsty greasers!
(i am so damn sick of cars, people driving a whole car with just themselves (like me), cell phone companies, corporations and oh i am going to love my relationship with direct loans for the rest of my life.
by this time next year, i will be in alaska, hopefully without a phone. just a website, portfolio, and job. just me and the back of the wind.)

1 comment:

dchao said...

Lol I can't wait to see you on your bike being all hardcore and shit. Lolololol.