Friday, May 23, 2008

thrash your face off

i quite like this.
the al partanen! and tony trujillo! show!!

so i am makin the transition into summer fake life in minneapolis. (at mcad, to be exact)
just telling myself that i deserve to get comfortable in my new 3 bedroom apartment, when these past few summers have been delightfully transient for me in oregon. i wish i had me one of these from skate study house.

and i have been going out entirely too much. last night was the kicker, because as soon as me, ellie, and jake had cheers'd on never returning to pancho villa, who had just served us horribly, they came out with 3 giant flaming shots of tequila/kahula for us. i still dont want to go there again, but its a nice cultural transition into smoothing over bad, or even 'okay' experiences. summer should be a blast 24/7 right.
big things happening this weeeekend and next week and then we're going to chicago!

i seriously would love to grace the nights with these swooping from my ears.

recycled skate deck e'rrins.

yknow what. it would be basic to make these. crafty.

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