Saturday, February 21, 2009

skateboarding is dangerlouse

take it or leave it, elementary kids are the new wave.

some parents have argued otherwise, but i cant think of anything less dangerous than skatin on a wood floor with 4 lbs of padding and a helmet, the nurse's office is probably next door. yes, a hefty price for all of the equipment. if we have to think about it in terms of money, than that is a desperate position, and i would speculate that the price almost every parent pays for the equipment to enduce hours of videogame play compares quite nicely to the money a grant program spends on each set of protection that makes this controversial "sport" less dangerous.

and DAMN YEAH!! my hometown is getting a skatepark within the next year! visit the bemidji skatepark blog. the future schralping zone is just down the hill and through the woods from my parents house!!

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