Sunday, March 28, 2010

Type A+

Happy Birthday Grandma Elhard!

This has been a big week for my Elhard family back in Minnesota. Last week my father rocked the tassel in honor of his 52nd year of life. Yesterday my younger sister was awarded with a music scholarship for the best vocal performance at Bemidji State University. Last night my uncle's high school basketball team (video below) battled to second in a championship game for the Minnesota State AAA Title, and today my grandmother celebrates her 90th birthday! Not to mention that both my parents were offered great jobs on Friday...

Yesterday I celebrated my own victory with another day of snowboarding with co-workers. A dream come true to mob around a hill with fellow members of Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate!

I just called my grandma to hear of her popular birthday party at the community center in Northome, MN. She was blaring Guy Lambardo in the background and asked if I could hear it. "We used to listen to it when we were young. There were four of us (her siblings) who spent a lot of time together then and now its just me you know." she said... The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven for the sweetest grandma this side of heaven, thankfully.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rome SDS

I started my dream first-job a few weeks ago and am slowly acclimating to life here. Yesterday was my first morning shred session with my coworkers, and although sore, I am really happy that snowboarding is a lot like riding a bike; after a 4 year hiatus to finish art school in Minneapolis, I had not been on a real mountain in quite some time. Stowe was beautiful, and the one run that we lapped was terrifyingly icy and fast at first, and later in the morning, soft and littered with teleskiers through the misty rays of sun...
The best part about snowboarding yesterday was coming back to the office and completing this dream full circle. I'm working on familiarizing myself with the overall identity and design system(s) and implementing them....and trying to navigate the server for the source files....and above all trying to stay "shrednasty".

This is me in my office.

El Perro Del Mar "Shelter" (by The XX) from The Control Group on Vimeo.

This is the song/video that gets me through my days lately.

And aside from my coworkers livening the atmosphere, this is what makes me laugh out load while I'm working.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Synergy Fitness day #1

I only broke one capillary in my face today in my exercise class!
The brazilian buttlift workout (formerly from P90X) is seriously in motion. While googling for some history behind (no pun intended) this program I came across many horrifying photos of the "brazilian butt lift" cosmetic surgery. Cant imagine how many capillaries were sacrificed during those procedures...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yearly Sames.

"Still the Same"...I grew up hearing my mother play this song on the piano...

About one year ago I eagerly took my friend Aimee from art school to a Creature demo at 3rd Lair in Minneapolis. There, she learned firsthand why I admire these gnarthrashers, and why the event made a perfect fit into our maniacal school schedule as we were nearing the end of our college careers.

Lately there seems to be a powerful cycle of success going on with all of my friends. Every one is sharing in life hammers right now and I feel like I have just put an end to the first week of the rest of my life.

Here we are posted up with Janell Carlson, Neil Heddings and Al Partanen.
Saints and Sinners.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What a lineup!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nordic Skaterese

This is blowing my mind, and means that I have definitely moved to the right state!

Thanks to my dad for sending me this. Cant wait for next winter, already!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I love Skating.

I do love ice skating more than anything, and not until I took a lap on the official sized speed skating rink on Lake Bemidji, did I realize that its time for me to hang up the figure skates for a shiny pair of speed skating blades. Its certain that without grippy toepicks I'd be in the clear.