Sunday, March 28, 2010

Type A+

Happy Birthday Grandma Elhard!

This has been a big week for my Elhard family back in Minnesota. Last week my father rocked the tassel in honor of his 52nd year of life. Yesterday my younger sister was awarded with a music scholarship for the best vocal performance at Bemidji State University. Last night my uncle's high school basketball team (video below) battled to second in a championship game for the Minnesota State AAA Title, and today my grandmother celebrates her 90th birthday! Not to mention that both my parents were offered great jobs on Friday...

Yesterday I celebrated my own victory with another day of snowboarding with co-workers. A dream come true to mob around a hill with fellow members of Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate!

I just called my grandma to hear of her popular birthday party at the community center in Northome, MN. She was blaring Guy Lambardo in the background and asked if I could hear it. "We used to listen to it when we were young. There were four of us (her siblings) who spent a lot of time together then and now its just me you know." she said... The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven for the sweetest grandma this side of heaven, thankfully.