Wednesday, April 23, 2008

cripes! i wish i hadnt discovered that now works on our server. im really bummed that jerry hsu and louie barletta didnt demo with enjoi last week at renegade.

sometimes i wish i could do this. all of this. anything to feel more real than electronics, paper, grids and graphics. device device.
i should de-vice for only 2 more weeks of school!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

talking to glen glans. looking at glenhaven.

here it is. the glenhaven bowl i speak of so dearly. these independent videos make me twitch a little. they do a video right! natural audio, the good old chatter and squeak of every skateboard and skateboarder.
this edit opens with the ever amazing minnesota transplant Darren Navarrette.

thankfully, i found some footage of this! its awesome that the only feature worth filming for them was the extension. i wish i could even hit the coping on that wall...
i miss lookin out to the street course to see my friends tailsliding the faux brick bank. lookin pretty mean as they would be dodging a whole lot of small children. hey, i think chet stole your line there, glen glans! i miss us skating in oregon.

(someday, maybe, someone will read this sklog and think i am cool.)

love to this guy

so glad for his life!! michael tubbs im sure he'll be shredding again soon. back to blackberry shakes in oregon again this summer!

if you're interested in his life/death story, read on here at
* also, he has an article in the latest Concussion skate mag. issue #37.

Monday, April 21, 2008

best metal hair video

THRASH!! this video is my friend joel's band, toxic holocaust, at united metal maniacs. one man band, singing with some backups, and he's probly 22 here. i just saw him play tonight in st. paul. sicksicksix!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


theyre all so good!

this soundtrack to my govy life 2006 karaoke clip was in my head all morning.
micah on the mic. and al neun on the dancefloor. my first summer on mt. hood in oregon. (i used to have so much fun, then.) *this was a nightly occurance in the '3rd world' a-frame at high cascade snowboard camp!!

cheer up, sunny days will be back again soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

does this look pretty fierce to you?

the antelope jack rabbit.

now, the portland zine scene.
thanks to jeff!


winter soldier


these veterans are the only people worth listening to until then.
real people, folks. Iraq Veterans Against the War
I dont care that some vets had glamorized visions in their heads about heroism, masculinity, and domination by signing up. I dont even care if they signed up because they were weak enough to 'not see any other way to pay for college' and all the bullshit. Sometimes, like two of my best friends in high school, the service is their heritage. Probably never in history has there been such deception and mistreatment of people who have given up their lives for our political regime.
read this, and do something massive.

anti-RNC will win in '08.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

skateparks rule the nation

(happy earth day fair! mcad is amazing!)

the busiest day of my life by near. (not far) served tea, skated mcad for once, registered for class, wrote about why i will be a good r.a., and dreamed of bigger skating. lately i have decided i need to be in portland for july, and maybe alot of that reason is to skate (glenhaven). is the wisconsin version of that dreamland bowl beauty!!!!!

maybe i can stay around here afterall??
(its about time i learn to grind pool coping)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i am fascinated with this live mixing, and i am a sucker for this blog-house style. (also, i dream of being "that girl") if it wasnt for her, this performance would be stale!
kexp radio is my ultimate fav! listen to cheryl waters' show!


feelin the need right now...
help me find an internship there for a few weeks this summer? please?


Friday, April 11, 2008

dog days f'real

so it can't be any coincidence that i peered at this top 10 smartest/dumbest dog slideshow this morning, only to then disprove that entire proclamation with the findings of THIS!!!!!

Xtreme Pete!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a beat blog

a Chromatone.

mastered by the hands of a 12 year old whose got way more rhythm than me.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


(i knew i wouldnt be able to watch this without posting it on my new sklog)

louie barletta, friends.
best is when he tucks one over the pile of scrap wood!!

amazing hair

dont ever take anything too seriously

rockaway armada, inspiring maytes.

this is the time to stay afloat, keeping our heads up toward the damned good sunshine, up into the brilliance of accomplishment. goals are pastimes, and we are seeing the end of our projects eye-to-eye.
these last few weeks of my fourth year of academia is about to suffer a suckerpunch in the gut...

avant-garde, raw energy, punk community meetz gallery exhibit? i've always wondered what kind of controversy this creates.whats the point of taking the backbone that is personal interaction out of a social, collab. project. there's nothing whitewashed walls can do...but good for them nonetheless!

on a related note, to those who also feel strongly about this please read about harrell fletcher's authentic enthusiasm describing the theories of his graduate program at portland state university.

Friday, April 4, 2008

oday, i came across a book typeset entirely in papyrus. the publishing company logo, book titles, and all. this book featured the watercolorings of the world trade center before an after the tragedy. the artist's earlier work, dating 8/31/01 was quite nice, pretty okay...but his linework into the month of september and thereafter was a trembling mess. it was a sad and often flat attempt at an artistic, landscape homage. the papryus typesettings of this book was ironically similar in personality. i guess somebody had to do it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

no joke

i love honesty more than anything in the world.
SPEAK magazine speaks truth we all should admire

its such a great feeling. and then it is also the very worst feeling.