Saturday, April 5, 2008

dont ever take anything too seriously

rockaway armada, inspiring maytes.

this is the time to stay afloat, keeping our heads up toward the damned good sunshine, up into the brilliance of accomplishment. goals are pastimes, and we are seeing the end of our projects eye-to-eye.
these last few weeks of my fourth year of academia is about to suffer a suckerpunch in the gut...

avant-garde, raw energy, punk community meetz gallery exhibit? i've always wondered what kind of controversy this creates.whats the point of taking the backbone that is personal interaction out of a social, collab. project. there's nothing whitewashed walls can do...but good for them nonetheless!

on a related note, to those who also feel strongly about this please read about harrell fletcher's authentic enthusiasm describing the theories of his graduate program at portland state university.

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