Tuesday, April 22, 2008

talking to glen glans. looking at glenhaven.

here it is. the glenhaven bowl i speak of so dearly. these independent videos make me twitch a little. they do a video right! natural audio, the good old chatter and squeak of every skateboard and skateboarder.
this edit opens with the ever amazing minnesota transplant Darren Navarrette.

thankfully, i found some footage of this! its awesome that the only feature worth filming for them was the extension. i wish i could even hit the coping on that wall...
i miss lookin out to the street course to see my friends tailsliding the faux brick bank. lookin pretty mean as they would be dodging a whole lot of small children. hey, i think chet stole your line there, glen glans! i miss us skating in oregon.

(someday, maybe, someone will read this sklog and think i am cool.)

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