Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow, for the last few days, by various people here in Minnesota, I have been told I should "be a govy-girl" or move to Government Camp, Mt. Hood Oregon.

I'm not sure if that is flattering or not. Little did they know that I've already lived there and have my fair share of stories to tell. Now, if I wanted to live in a real mountain town, it would have to be Jackson Hole, WY! during my google search to find a similar Wyoming felted piece, I came across other amazing things: 
this book is seriously SO GOOD.

Man, what we need is another Roosevelt Franklin right now. And another decade of classic Sesame Street pumping love and sing-along songs through our veins.

My grandma claims to be from the greatest generation, having gone through the depression. Can you imagine growing up during a time when A POLITICAL LEADER was your hero? The days of American Idols may soon be over...

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A. Von Falcon said...

I want to go to Jackson Hole, WY!! we should visit there together!