Friday, October 17, 2008


So it is time to address this poll to the right here. Staying in Minnesota won by a landslide. Now, there is a concern that this electoral collage was rigged, by my parents. Judging by their technical skills, I would say that is near impossible. Either way, I dont think a vote actually clarifies anything. I still have no idea what I am going to do until I am doing it.

This is the same sentiment I will feel when I mail out my ballot. Yes, I get to vote this weekend. I don't expect my vote to really count for much, and I am going to be prepared with a punching bag at my side when the nomination is announced anyway. Four years ago, I was working to get out the vote for change with an organization called Democracy Matters. My friends and I worked tirelessly throughout the city of Duluth. Despite the sad ending, Duluth was acknowledged with having the highest voter turnout out of any city in the country! 91% of our citizens voted! An hour before the polls closed, I literally took the hand of a stoned college student and led him to the poll that was right across the street from his house! No excuses, vote at least to say you did something.

I feel like I am not doing anything.

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