Friday, July 11, 2008

URGENTLY : Noma Lake Campground Activists needed

PLEASE WRITE TO THE CHIPPEWA NATIONAL FOREST, the feds are trying to cut 4 amazing, rural campgrounds in the northwoods! refer to my posting a few spots below for my recent family trip there.
WRITE TO: by today, or at least by monday. i promise to take you there if they save it!! thanks.

I am writing in regard to the threat of the county's decision to close down 4 excellent Chippewa National Forest campgrounds, including the Noma Lake Campground, which is very sentimental to my family.
The Elhard family has been enthusiastic visitors and dedicated campers there for 40 years. We have enjoyed the campground for its location, grounds development, and pleasant memories. Being close to our Northome, and deep within the most stunning and serene woods of Northern Minnesota are qualities that can never replaced. I am a college student, who has had the great fortune of living on stoic Mt. Hood in Oregon during the summers. I have always appreciated our annual family camping trips to Noma Lake, but it wasnt until our recent trip, only 3 weeks ago, that I realized the majesty of the Wirt area was special beyond compare! I had visions of continuing our camping ritual for years to come, declaring that I would bring my own future family to this beautiful place, even if it might involve traveling from a distance as far as Oregon. I remember in my youth, the epitome of a small community was replicated in the campground. The grounds keeper and the DNR would be regular friendly visitors, and I admired their hard work at making us feel comfortable. The recent installation of the fishing pier and set of stairs was an exciting formality that was properly introduced to this campsite that welcomes all generations of outdoor enthusiasts. My family and I would spend long hours fishing, reading, drawing and playing on the new fishing platform. The versatility of this camping facility has always amazed me. My favorite memories now include an adventure taken place three weeks ago. The campgrounds held more happy families (community members) than I had ever seen there. The Elhard family congregated in record numbers (now including the tiny members of our 4th generation) and we gathered in our usual feasting, laughing and fishing in an atmosphere that enhanced our collective family history. On our first morning, my sister and I awoke and immediately ventured out into Noma Lake in our canoe. We slowly paddled around the entire perimeter, circling a family of Loons at the center of the lake, next to the boat in which my uncle and cousins were fishing. Our excursion introduced us to the startling realization that the lake held dozens of old cans, many of which were over 20 years old. We amused ourselves with the duty of Noma Lake conservationists, as we collected every speck of trash we encountered in the lake's pristine edge. We shared our collection, memories, and stories with a sense of pride about returning the favor to a place we hold so dear to us. We will continue to honor Noma Lake Campground and all those who share its endearment. It is our responsibility to provide our future families with not only shared memories, but experience of the greatest campground in the North Woods. Please do not close Noma Lake Campground, and keep its brother and sister campgrounds in mind, too.
Thank You,

*******or at least copy and paste this message and sign it with your name so they know you are backing me!!******

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Jeffrey said...

Sent. I hope I do get to visit this magical place in my lifetime.