Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This last weekend was the first Elhard Famly camping outing in the last 14 years. We went to Wirt, MN and we tried. We were rained out on the first full day. Thankfully, when Mattea and I awoke, we immediately took the opportunity to commence in our favorite activity of canoeing. It started out as a fun game, but we soon became Canoeing Conservationists on Noma Lake. We collected all these vintage cans. Most of them over 20 years old! My favorite is the Hamms can.
It was so sad to leave my family of commedians, conservationsists, and campers for the high and dry roads.
Back to Bemidji...

When we arrived, no joke, Antique Roadshow was airing a segment about vintage can collecting. This first image features the early pop-tops (my Hamm's can has the same top). On my way back to Minneapolis I stopped at this tourist attraction that I had never been to in all my years living in Bemidji. Spectacular collectibles in every corner! I picked up a few new/old touristy tees and browsed the Northern Minnesotan Zine selection on my way out...

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