Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My dad sent me these videos filmed via motion-sensor from the fences of our farm(s) and before they even played I recognized our land and trees and grass.

I love deer and venison and look back fondly on avoiding the hunting part. Sort of wish I had that choice right now. Im always wishing for a wolf-ish pet to follow me around. They have a stoic way of being which I could use as some protection. The lure of the coyote call haunted me long ago as I laid in bed at Grandma Jackie's farm. Simultaneous to the howling was mooing from the herd and a hissing wild cat fight beneath my window sometimes. No peace in the real world can compare to all those comforting natural reactions. Its primal out here now, in a different way than I remember. Still looking for a lullaby.


blood loss sway said...

I love these Mum.

terese said...

would you believe that those are timberwolves?!