Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm leaving for the country at this very moment, and the last thing I see are these emails from my dad. One was a montage of snowy portland driving, and then this. The video is crap, like most country music videos are, but the song is spot-on. No one here in Minn. knows what a sloe gin fizz is! What I wouldnt give for a pitcher of Dots sloe gin fizz, to go, on the the snowy roads toward home!

At least Loretta Lynn rulez.


notions & potions said...

I happen to like Sloe Gin fizzes!

And funny funny thing: my family is making them for Christmas day this year. Quite classic I'd say. My dad grew up on them, so it must be a Nebraska thing.

Safe Travels, Mysterese!

terese said...

Let us gather with sloe gin fizzes in hand next time around! see you soon!