Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was thrilled to see this wonderful typography used in drama; twisting and floating across some massive skull-painted props.

I had a very fine day in Minneapolis. I might even consider it adventurous. My day started with a bike ride leading to a walk, climb, jump and slide through some trails by the old flour mills along the river. I gathered alot of visuals, you can find them on my flickr or something...I was very energized when I returned home. A kaleidoscope that my grandmother made me is featured here as a tribute to both her and Emily, who is very soon leaving on a tour! Next stop was St.Paul to Hidden Falls park for the finale of the Barebones Halloween performance. We gathered in the dark to watch the night come alive with pyrotechnics, life-sized sea rocks and larger-than-life creatures parading around the park in the spirit of waking up the "dead". The theme harkened to the "dead" minds of right-wing supporting U.S. citizens! I was pretty certain that the audience, the largest crowd in Barebones history, welcomed this propaganda. Being situated in the "overflow" section, I sat up on a hill in front of the makeshift "orchestra pit" (a shanty with a bamboo and tarp roof) I would sometimes look back at my friend Sonja sleeping on her accordion! But really, when she was jammin' the music sounded fricking beautiful! They played a lengthy encore set and afterward, Sonjy and I made plans for mulled wine, biscuits, and dancing for a time verrry soon! Ironically, during this macabre theatrical production, my friend Joel invited me to 1st avenue to see GWAR! His band, Toxic Holocaust had just opened for them. After a lovely time meeting up with the Darnells for some bluegrass at Delano's, I made it to 1st ave. just in time for some dancing. Even after a few pulls of Jagemeister, it was hard to keep up with them flailing around the dancefloor in their black, studded kits. To all those naive little TML'rs, these dudes had convincing costumes! They looked like a real metal band! Between sets of shotgunning beers that Schiff had ripped open with his teeth, they pulled some moves that had us twerking with the best of them.

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