Friday, September 5, 2008

to: everyone

I believe that we have a tremendous amount of idealism and hope coming to our streets today, to speak out for change. Change is what we really need. It is HORRIBLE that our police forces and tax dollars are going to suppress that idealism and that energy rather than celebrate it. What is happening in the streets really is a democratic exercise. We should be embracing that. As an attorney, I embrace people exercising their rights. I wish that was what the entire city was doing.
Everyones gettin outraged about the anarchists. We are not threatened. Our public security is not threatened by a blockade in the street. Our society can survive if a the RNC runs an hour or two behind schedule if a delegate bus is delayed. We can deal with this without violating human rights. Recognizing the right to protest doesnt mean sending emails. It means gettin out in the streets. Speaking loud, and maybe doin things that not everyone approves of but is not violent and does not threaten our society.

-pres. Minnesota National Lawyer's Guild

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