Monday, June 9, 2008

please hate me for this, please.

i have discovered an ethical way to eat meat; DO IT FOR THE LOVE OF IT.
(as in love for this most potent of protein. for your health!)

after 4 years of fear, i am back on beef.


notions & potions said...

my brother made me try cow tongue the day i got to nyc. because i had had a few beers, i agreed. terrible mistake. avoid the tongue, terese, AVOID THE TONGUE!

P.S. The mountain picture above is wonderful, a site for sore eyes as i miss open spaces...scrolling is fun! thank you. hope all is well.

typoscura said...

And I am glad you could be on board for my extravagant sandwiches....

welcome back terese...welcome back

blood loss sway said...