Wednesday, March 12, 2008

topic: video blogs

video blogs (mostly video diary entries) are SO TERRIBLE! who really wants to watch a face talking at you?!!!
self righteous ninnys...i had to watch too many of those last semester for blogs/vlogs class. sometimes, i attempt to watch them these days but it is the worst experience. if anyone can convince me that every video diary is not the same stale shit, please let me know! post the link for all i care. i will want to barf.
the weather in minneapolis today was much like winter in portland. it has a been a nostalgic, yet rather serious day here.
cheers to those folks who can take it all year in that great land! watch this video, by joe millionare and co. sums up the rugged social life on the streets of portland, through a narrative of some bike messenger friends : )

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