Wednesday, December 5, 2007


the post of my studio space is pretty weak, but if you're wondering, the source of the SILF image is who is run by Connected Ventures who made this epic music video

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

on a similar note, i am going to work at MCAD DesignWorks next semester.
i havent seen their music videos quite as choreographed as this. its going to be interesting, but i will work on that.

first of all, my desktop should be choreographed because it is whooping me and my laptop in the ass.

no big.
my new 500gb hardrive should take care of some things.

im so proud of my dear friend maddy, she got a job at HOLDEN OUTERWEAR yesterday in portland! it is her first semester in the communications design program at PNCA. she's siked!!
she's going to learn enough there to launch our snowfashion line MAD.E
later on. until then, i will be working on my bedazzling skillz.
and sadly, selling my board. let me know if you have a need, ladies.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

being clever

must be a pain...
Jay Howell in SLAP

Saturday, December 1, 2007

scare me

realising my work should be emphasizing rhythm.

high places cycling ever so eerily in the dark.

i listened to the radio from a circa 1980s pink alarm clock/radio during dinner tonight.

right now i am at work in the studio to the hum of an industrial air vent.

how transitional.